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Wednesdays with Joan: Amusements and Automobiles

17 November, 2010

Please do click on the above image for a closer look. The comments are a bit irrelevant without appreciating the details!

Image 1: Dolores, Joan and Francine with the hot shot ladies man, Howard.  However, no matter how much grease he slicks into his hair, Howard will never be a gentleman until he buttons his top button.  Howard, you faux Lothario, follow Francine’s fine example.

Image 2:  The stylish Dolores and Joan with their rather matronly friend Helen.  Does Dolores carry her own camera?  Behind the trio is a Film and Postcard shop.   Perhaps the unnamed Photographer had his film developed there?

Image 3. An anonymous patron pays a few shilling to an austere looking fellow for the amusement of Joan being pushed on a swing.  With safety belts and stringent safety regulation being an anachronism, Joan feels understandably a bit uncomfortable in her perilous position.

Image 4: The rugged Rugby player shows off his ride to the ladies

Image 5: The rugged Rugby player’s parents reclaim their car and request their son to take a similar photo op.  The rugger takes his revenge in the form of fuzzy photography.

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