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The Return of Joan’s Youth

15 May, 2013

Readers from the early days may remember ‘Wednesdays with Joan’, a semi-weekly installment of photographs from an album titled ‘Joan’s Youth’. The Author found the photo album at a shop in London a few years ago and enjoyed speculating wildly about Joan’s younger years: naming her companions, inventing love affairs and imagining various scenes for each photograph. The Author enthusiastically welcomes the musings of Readers.

Here we find two consecutive photographs of Joan and her two friends Luella (who has appeared frequently) and John (a newcomer to these pages, but obviously a familiar acquaintance):

Joan's Youth - Casanova contained

The Author wonders about the Photographer’s directions between these two shots. ‘Look natural!’ ‘John, strike a pose! Yes, give the gals a little squeeze.’ John looks like an entirely different fellow in these few seconds apart.

Joan's Youth - Casanova casual
A few sartorial notes: John is power-clashing with a gingham shirt and tartan, and Luella’s flair overalls have a 1970’s feel to them.

A trip down memory lane…
Joan’s Jolly Summer Afternoon
Joan’s Youth
Wednesdays with Joan: Countless Gentlemen and a Selection of Hat Stylings
Wednesdays With Joan: Introducing Robert and Eddy
Wednesdays with Joan: the Young Folk Gather
Wednesdays with Joan: Amusements and Automobiles
A helpful hint: click on the images to see them enlarged.
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