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Wednesdays with Joan: the Young Folk Gather

19 January, 2011

Image 1: Joan poses for a vertically challenged photographer.

Image 2: Joan and Luella model the latest in high waisted bell bottoms.  What is the white writing on the hut’s roof over yonder?

Image 3: The mothers have their moment in the sun (of which the woman on the far right has had plenty).  Joan’s mother (far left) grimaces a smile, she seems to find her daughter’s behaviour—cavorting with young fellows, taking rides from strangers and being frightfully frivolous—to be a bit vulgar.  Or maybe the sun is in her eyes.

Image 4: Eligible Bachelors lounge about looking sultry, waiting for the ladies to come their way.  Nothing attracts a girl more than wearing socks and shoes with your swimming trunks.

Image 5: The  Hot Young Things of the summer resort get cosy.  Robert, centre, is entirely sure of himself, with ladies at both sides.  His younger brother James, brow furrowed, betrays his jealousy, insecurity and sensitivity captured in a glance.  Meanwhile, Gilligan over to the right looks as ridiculous as his namesake (Reference: Gilligan’s Island.  Anachronism acknowledged)

Retrace your steps in Joan’s Life:

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