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the Magyoral Pastoral

14 March, 2010

These photographs are taken from a cloth-bound book called ‘Images of Hungary’–that being an educated guess on the translation of the Hungarian title.

Here is a taster.  More of these marvelous documents of peasant life to come:


One Wonders if the Puli (the dog–a second cousin to Obama’s Bo) will be sheared next. A certain Puli I’m familiar with, the appropriately named Harry, has his dreadlocks tended to from time to time.


Admiring their Embroidery


A Middle-School Dance, Hungarian style


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  1. Erz permalink
    14 March, 2010 3:25 pm

    We should have gone through with our application for Hungarian citizenship — I’m sure we could prove our worthiness through our Hungarian-esque dancing skills alone. And we love dogs too!


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