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Wednesdays With Joan: Introducing Robert and Eddy

2 February, 2011

Image 1: Joan and her gal pals, Luella, Jenny and Mildred embrace Robert, that lucky and loveable pipe-smoking scaly wag.  The Author entertains the possibility that Robert is wearing kilt hose (albeit incongruously with shorts).  It looks as though his wollen socks have garter flashes.  A Scot, perhaps?  No wonder the ladies are so charmed.  Joan gazes at him admiringly—could this be love?  The Author, having seen the entire photo album, will keep her Readers in suspense.

Image 2: Luella gives Joan a back massage?  This pebbly beach doesn’t seem terribly comfortable to lie on.  The coast of England certainly is no Bermudian beach.

Image 3: Oh Edward, always such a joker, as is the unidentified right arm which smacks Joan’s bum with a ping-pong paddle.  Does Joan like this sort of attention?  The fact that she chose this image for her photo album suggests she does.

Image 4: Joan, Robert, Luella and Edward smile for the camera.  Robert looks even more handsome in comparison with the goofy (and unphotogenic) Eddy. 

Image 5:  The author realizes that the majority of the women in this album wear trousers.  What modern young ladies these are!

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