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Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

1 July, 2011

It’s the first of the month, and the Author finally remembered to recite the incantation ‘rabbit rabbit rabbit’ before any other words passed her lips this morning.* The Author,  never one for superstitions, actually has the faintest belief that the ‘rabbit’ repetition will bring her good luck in the month to come.  Perhaps this confidence comes from the fact that she has never begun a month with ‘rabbit rabbit rabbit’, so the superstition has never been proven wrong.

Now for a completely unrelated photograph of one of Philadelphia’s greatest:

princess kelly and the funnies.jpg

*This superstition was introduced to the Author by one Charlotte Lancaster.  Apparently its origins are in Britain and is not terribly common in the States.

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  1. Charlotte Lancaster permalink
    12 July, 2011 5:07 pm

    Charlotte Lancaster has also introduced the custom to her retirement community. There is one woman now who says “Rabbit Rabbit whenever she sees her.

    On the river boat she met an Australian couple and they said that what they say is ” a pinch and a punch on the first of the month before ten and no returns.” And you must pinch and give a light punch to the upper arm.A little wordier than Rabbit Rabbit, but it does give one time to remember that it is the first of the month.

  2. 16 August, 2011 10:01 pm

    I have a British friend who also says ‘pinch punch first of the month’, accompanied by a pinch and a (not so light) punch on the arm. Not nearly as snappy as ‘rabbit rabbit rabbit’, and much more aggressive. I prefer your tradition Charlotte Lancaster.


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