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A Bad Travel Companion

3 August, 2017

Prussian Field Marshall Count Alfred von Schlieffen sounds like a rather dreary road companion.  When an aide pointed out the ‘beauty of the Pregel River sparking in the rising sun’, Count von Schlieffen gave the aide a hard look and replied:

‘an unimportant obstacle.’

In appreciation of unimportant obstacles, the Author would like to share some sparking rivers she’s admired through the years (none with the rising sun, she must admit).

Tobyhanna 2

The Tobyhanna in Pocono, Pennsylvania

Newtown Creek

Newtown Creek, between Brooklyn and Queens, New York


The Rhine at Königswinter, Germany


River Thames at Limehouse, London

*anecdote encountered in The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman.

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  1. Dadork permalink
    6 August, 2017 10:51 pm

    Beautiful! You will have to add the Schuykill and the Wissahickon.

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