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London’s Belated Summer

4 October, 2011

After a summer more notable for its downpours than sunshine, London finally decided to pep up well into the Autumnal Season.  

Londoners who remembered to repeat ‘Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit‘ on October 1st were rewarded with a weekend of splendid sun and unseasonable heat (granted, those who didn’t recite the incantation still enjoyed the fine weather).

Hampstead Heath was littered with bright young things bearing their luminescent skin in bathing suits or other such skimpy attire. The Hampstead Heath Ponds reopened for this unprecedented heatwave, but the Author, warned against the Baltic temperatures of said ponds, decided against such a notion.  More to her liking is a good book and a splendid view:

Primrose Hill view.jpg

After nearly 5 days of 80 degrees and cloudless skies, the heatwave now looks to be ending. No doubt London will soon be punished by weeks of grey skies and intermittent showers.

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