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Boo(k)ster Seat

24 November, 2017

The Author spent Thanksgiving with a charming four (nearly five!) year-old dining companion. This wee one was aided by three cushions stacked on top of her chair to bring her to adult eye level. The seating arrangement reminded the Author of this little fellow sitting atop a tome at the table. A rather high brow booster.

This detail comes from Jozef Israel’s, ‘Village Family at a Meal’ (ca. 1880), encountered at the Milwaukee Art Museum (which the Author recommends visiting, if not just for the Calatrava extension alone).

Jozef Israel’s, ‘Village Family at a Meal’

Speaking of Calatrava and the Milwaukee Art Museum, the building’s ‘flapping wings’ were a highlight. Please enjoy this time lapse the Author took on her visit last year:

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