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the Most Attractive Toulousain

8 May, 2010

…is a Statue.  This in no way is a slight to the men of Toulouse, but he is just a damned good looking fellow.  Jean-Alexandre-Joseph Falguiére carved this dashing figure of Henri de la Rochejaquelein, a Royalist soldier during the French Revolution.

Henri de la Rochejaquelein.jpg

Not only is he quite the stud, but Henri was also the youngest General of the Royalist Vendéan insurrection and gave this very quotable order:

Mes amis, si j’avance, suivez-moi! Si je recule, tuez-moi! Si je meurs, vengez-moi!(“Friends, if I advance, follow me! If I retreat, kill me! If I die, avenge me!”)

He did, coincidently, retreat twice and lose a few major battles before he was killed by a Republican soldier.  His death is portrayed, not terribly majestically, in this painting by Alexandre Bloch:


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