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Peeps into Many Lands: Norway

3 May, 2010

these cards came in packets of ‘Army Club Cigarettes’.  They are part of series of ’24 Real Photographs’, but, unfortunately, whoever had collected these obviously did not smoke enough cigarettes, because there are only two of the Norwegian collection.  Let that be a lesson to you all: finish the collection, no matter the cost.

The card on the right shows Naerofjord in Gudvangen, Norway and is part of a 3 piece ‘panorama’.  The instructions suggest placing the three cards next to each other in a Camerascope for an ‘astounding, every-thing standing out in life-like relief, as if viewed from the actual spot’.  You can receive your very own Camerascope for 5/- (what amount of money is that?), simply mail in your money to: Cavanders Ltd., 116 Commerical Street, London.  Unfortunately, 116 Commerical Street is now home to a Tesco Express, so your chances of receiving a Camerascope is dependent on eBay.

The first card depicts the Bergen Harbour, which has a moist climate, ‘fostering on the steep surrounding hills a vegetation unusually luxuriant for the latitude’.


I bought this collection (there are more) of Cigarette Cards from a Camera shop in St. Andrews at its Going-Out-Of-Business sale.  I mourn the loss of yet another Independent Business in St. Andrews.

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