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Tally Ho!

29 September, 2010

Army Club Cigarettes, produced by Cavanders Ltd (distributing tobacco since 1775!), gave it’s purchaser more than a nicotine intake.  Cavanders produced an assortment of collectable cigarette cards, with themes running from Peeps into Many Lands to Prehistoric Lands (still to come!) to the following collection.  These cards represent the height of cigarette card innovation: Coloured Stereoscopics.  With the purchase of a Cavanders Cigarette Card Viewer, One can see these scenes come to life! Alas, lacking the access to such advanced technology, these slightly blurry, dully coloured images will have to suffice.

In the Hunting Field

Fox Hunt

The back of the card describes the scene: ‘At the present day in England and Ireland [what about Scotland?  And Wales, I suppose-ed.], hunting refers mainly to the pursuit of the fox; for this purpose foxhounds are specially bred and maintained, and although they are of mixed origin, having descended from the bloodhound and the pointer, there is at the same time a dash of the bull dog strain in them.  They are noted for their speed and endurance.  Some packs, such as the Belvoir, the Pytchley and the Quorn, have a world-wide reputation’

Musketry Instructions


‘a squad of a Scottish regiment are here receiving instructions in the use of their rifles from their Sergeant, under the watchful eye of an officer; in the foreground may be seen the padded tripod which helps to support the rifle during their first aiming practice.  The present day rifle fires a conical pointed bullet and has a muzzle velocity of about 2,440 feet per second; it’s range is up to 2,000 yards’.

How Educational!

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