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A Sad Building

24 May, 2016

Bologna (2012)

Facade of Multi-Cultural Stereotypes

22 May, 2016

Budapest is home to many faces on facades, a number of which can be found on this particular building (the exact location of which the Author forgot to record). They appear to be an array of national and ethnic stereotypes, although the Author is only able to recognize the Native American and the Chinese fellow. Who is the chap on the bottom right with a tam o’ shanter decorated with a pipe? Surely a Scotsman or Irishman.


Tree Needing a Helping Hand

20 May, 2016

Summer Palace, Beijing (2011)

Not an unfamiliar sight:

Help a Brother Out?

One Way to Hide a Smoke Alarm

17 May, 2016

The curators were quite clever in complying with safety regulations while still keeping the original look of Victor Hugo’s Parisian abode.

Let’s play a game. Can you spot the smoke alarm?IMG_0931.JPG

There it is!


Can you spot the smoke alarm?


There it is!


Book Cover Monday: Reading On Again

16 May, 2016

Readers might recall the Reading On cover that the Author shared last week (refresh your memory here).

The second book in the Red Book collection has another lovely front and back cover, but, alas, the same backwards content that can most kindly be described as ‘of it’s time’.

Reading On Elephant

Reading On: a 1960’s Educational Series

Polo Norte

15 May, 2016

San Juan is a gem of a city, with Art Deco gems at varying stages of disrepair and restoration.

It is also home to this wonderful tiled facade of a former soda factory (now a bar). The Author is a particular fan of the green bottles raining down next in the first image.

The Polo Norte soda factory was founded by Captain Ángel Rivero Méndez, a Puerto Rican soldier who fired the first shot against the United States in Puerto Rico in the Spanish-American war (a dubious honor). After the war, he retired from military service and founded the Polo Norte soda company in 1902.


San Juan, Puerto Rico (2015)

Here is a slightly better image from the Polo Norte website (the bright sun and stark shadows made photography difficult for the Author).


Gone But Not Forgotten

13 May, 2016

The shadows remains of a house long gone. No doubt a dull apartment building will be built in its place.

Gone but not forgotten London



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