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An Eames Rebus Letter

18 November, 2016

You might know of Charles Eames for his famous chair , but he was also quite the clever fellow with phonograms. He wrote some very charming, if somewhat indecipherable (for the Author, at least) rebus letters to his daughter Lucia. Can you decipher it? The Author presents her attempt below.charles-eames-rebus-letter-lucia


I am so sorry that I cannot take you to school. Are you drinking milk like a saint.

[the Author really has no clue what the last sentence is. Any guesses?]



Carpenter Apes

11 November, 2016

Three industrious apes construct a table in this late 15th Century German glass roundel at the Met Cloisters. It’s a rather whimsical scene to be found next to roundels of souls being tormented in hell, the crucifixion of various saints and tales from the Bible.


Met Cloisters, New York City (2016)

Water Fountain Dragons

9 November, 2016

Dragons spout water instead of fire at two different Temples in Kyoto.  Of course, these fountains are for washing hands, not refreshment.

Water fountain dragon Kyoto 2

Water fountain dragon Kyoto

Sicilian Key (an inventive title)

21 October, 2016

A key shop sign in Catania, Sicily:


Sicily, Italy (2016)


Readers may recall previously shared key shop signs:


Charley Harper’s Pigs

3 October, 2016

Readers may recall the Betty Crocker cookbook illustrated by Charley Harper, which was shared last week.

Either Betty Crocker has a disproportionate number of recipes involving pork, or Charley Harper chose to illustrate pork recipe more frequently than others, because the cookbook contains an impressive array of pig drawing.

The Author is particularly amused by the clever (if somewhat morbid) illustrations of the pig train (accompanied by a recipe involving sausage links), the butchers with the pig puzzle and the perfectly shaped pigs in the pot and skillet.

28 September, 2016

If there’s anything the Author (and she hopes, her Readers) have learned, it’s that no mere metal can prevent the progress of a tree. This futile attempt at stunting arboreal growth in Kyoto is doomed to fail.

Kyoto tree stopper (1)

Kyoto, Japan (2012)

If you’ll recall:

an All-Encompassing Tree

the All-Encompassing Tree Of Budapest

Tree Tied in Irons

This Fence Shall Not Pass

Charley Harper’s Cookbook

26 September, 2016

Charley Harper, the mid-century illustrator most famous for his minimalist birds and wildlife, was given an interesting commission early in his career: illustrate Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cookbook. 

The recipes in the cookbook aren’t exactly to be recommended, but the illustrations are delightful. They range from the charming (a lamb dreaming of chefs jumping over a fence, a pioneer woman with a shopping cart in the woods) to the rather creepy (potato ‘eyes’ actually being eyes). Here’s a selection, with more to come.