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The Flashiest Drugstore in New Orleans

14 March, 2014

Rainbows! Drugs! Photo! Cosmetics! Prescriptions!  Anything looks more exciting in neon florescent lighting.

The Author regrets not seeing this bright sight in the night. It must give Times Square a run for it’s money (and in particular it’s electricity bill).


Warning: Don’t Look If You’re Afraid of Heights

27 February, 2014

The Author recently levitated 1,353 feet above ground.

Just kidding! The Author was in fact standing in a glass box that extends out from the 103rd floor of the Sears Willis Tower in Chicago.  The Author is not afraid of heights and has absolute confidence in this nifty bit of engineering, but even she was hesitant walking out onto the glass.

Next up are the last 7 Scariest Viewing Platforms in the World.


Taxis the size of ants!

In addition to the vertigo inducing protruding glass boxes, the Willis Tower also offers some more traditional views.

Chicago Willis tower

One can see for 50 miles! Hello Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana!


11 February, 2014

It’s a Whole Foods.

How exciting!


Albuquerque, New Mexico

A Curious Abode Near Queen’s Woods

6 February, 2014

This odd little house caught the Author’s eye as she wandered to Queen’s Wood in London. What a strange looking room on the left! Why is there a bust of a bearded fellow out front? Is that an angel and a demon on either side? Is this a parish church?

The Mystery remains, unless a clever Reader knows more?

Lego inspirations

31 January, 2014

The Author has already remarked on the popularity of Lego across national and cultural borders:

As the Liberty Bell

As a child’s backpack

As a stone in Ephesus (a notable anachronism)

As ‘The Red Room’ from Twin Peaks

As Patience, the New York Public Library Lion

The Author is happy to share an example of Lego-inspired Architecture: a group of colorful block building outside Bruges (as spotted from 270 feet above ground, at the top of the Belfry).

Magyar Monday: Headgear

27 January, 2014

Or, more precisely, her wedding crown.  Not to be outdone, the groom wears a two foot feather on his cap, and ruffles to boot.

Her Wedding Crown 4.35

National Geographic, 1932


16 January, 2014

Two very fine Champagne coupes at the Bröhan Museum, Berlin. The Author wouldn’t mind a tipple out of these elegant glasses!

The Bröhan Museum has a delightful collection of Art Nouveau and Art Deco decorative arts. Readers may recall previous offerings from the Bröhan Museum:

Art Nouveau Animals
Critiquing the Coffee
Art Deco Numbers
The Two–no, Three–Faced Man


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