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An Invalid Ticket Preserved

24 July, 2016

A train ticket from Paddington Station (to where?) that the Author purchased from a charity shop. Alas, the ticket is no longer valid for use.

Paddington ticket.jpg

the Author’s love of ephemera knows no bounds

Paddington ticket 2.jpg

Forth Bridge Forth Bridge

22 July, 2016

Seeing double? This wonderful stereogram of the Forth Bridge was produced in 1896,6 years after it was completed. The Forth Bridge is, perhaps, the Author’s favorite bridge, and she recalls fondly the many journeys she took over it en route to St Andrews.

Forth Bridge.JPG



Zombie Loose in New Orleans

19 July, 2016

Mr. Henry Edward Schallenberg has broken through the walls of his tomb and wanders the streets of New Orleans.


New Orleans (2014)

But perhaps he comes home every once in a while and hangs out.


A Real Life Letter Rack

17 July, 2016

The Author is a self-professed fan of trompe–l’œil letter rack paintings, so imagine her delight to see a letter rack in practice at the Brooklyn Museum. The Author fancies making her own letter rack.


Brooklyn Museum

Protect the Lion!

15 July, 2016

This warrior (Athena?) has her priorities right. Guard Aslan!

Protecting the lion Versailles

Palace of Versailles, France (2010)

The Cyclist of Hamburg

12 July, 2016

Hamburg, Germany (2011)


10 July, 2016

Some pine trees gasp for fresh air through the deep snow in the Austrian Alps.

IMG_1921 copy

Austrian Alps (2012)


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