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Nineteenth Century Graffiti

16 June, 2015

A certain Mr. Charno took it upon himself to carve his name, the date, and most helpfully, the location of his crime, Provins, into the wall of the Caesar Tower in that charming Medieval town. Mr. Charno’s 1835 engraving pre-dates the graffiti found at Bodiam Castle by Mr. H. Wicks. Perhaps it should be comforting to know that there have been vandalising hooligans throughout history, and disrespect for historical monuments is not just a modern affliction.

All of this is positively modern compared to the graffiti that the Author witnessed at Krak des Chevaliers in Syria, where 12th Century Crusaders carved crosses into the castle walls. Alas, we don’t know how that marvelous castle stands today after being caught in the crossfire of the Syrian Civil War.


Provins, France (2014)

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