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Take-Off and Landing in St Barths

18 April, 2013

The Author apologizes for her silence of late. She has just returned from a holiday in the Caribbean and her mind wandered from her diligent sharing.  BUT she does have a modest travel tale to tell.

One of the delights of this holiday was the wee propellor plane that takes travelers from St Maarten to St Barths in the French West Indies.  Luckily, the Author isn’t afraid of flying, otherwise the trip to and from Saint Barths would have been a most terrifying experience.

The Gustaf III airport in St Barths is one of the shortest runways in aviation.  To land in St Barths, pilots have to fly between two cliffs (contending with strong winds), make an immediate 150 ft drop, level out, touch down and slam the breaks–lest you carry along the runway onto the beach.

St Barths landing

On the return flight, the Author had the gumption to request the empty co-pilot seat, and was rewarded with an amazing aviation experience. Luckily, she was not required to take part in the piloting.

Reader, thank you for indulging the Author’s little travelogue.

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  1. dadork permalink
    20 April, 2013 5:52 pm

    Wow! That is a notorious airport. Did you see the u-tube of a plane landing and ending up in the ocean?

  2. 21 April, 2013 8:32 pm

    I did see that — I’m glad it didn’t happen to me!

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