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Biography of Sir Henry Wellcome’s Facial Hair

12 December, 2011

As well as being a Dedicated Collector of Oddities and a Costume Enthusiast, Sir Henry Wellcome was also known (to the Author at least) as a man of fantastic facial hair.  The Author cannot help but share some gems from the Wellcome Image Collection and take her Readers on a trip through the life of Sir Henry Wellcome’s Facial Hair:

Baby-faced at 16:


Still Clean-Shaven at 19:


Whatever could have been Henry Wellcome’s reasoning in fashioning this absorb beard?  Rebelling at age 25?


He must have had some sense knocked into him because his curious beard was gone less than a year later.   Henry looks a little mournful about it, but still exhibits his ‘eccentricity’ with a moustache that looks like it’s gearing to fly off his upper lip.


By 1890, Sir Henry’s Moustache was at it’s most Majestic (or Ferrety, as Dancing Beastie rightly puts it!)


By the end of the century, Sir Henry had sorted his moustache out, so it looked more than proper facial hair than a dead rodent.

His caricature wasn’t really too much of an exaggeration:


So deep was Sir Henry Wellcome’s love of his moustach, he made a plaster cast to keep it preserved for future generations to admire:

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