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Rum Puncheon

28 November, 2011

Rum Puncheon is a curious proclamation for this Cancer Research charity shop in Berwick-upon-Tweed.


In fact, 75 years ago, Rum Puncheon was a ‘very fine’ restaurant, the grand opening of which was eagerly awaited by the Berwick Advertiser:

‘The restaurant is to be built on the Tudor style, a real old English appearance, and a style of building which is fast disappearing in the countryside.

The front is to be cream-coloured panels, offset with half timberings of weathered oak, the timber being built in the old English pattern which is so well known.

In conformity with this style of pattern, all the windows of the building are to be small diamond-shaped panes, some of clear glass and others of cathedral glass, so that they should give a most charming old-world effect. The new restaurant is to be named ‘The Rum Puncheon Restaurant’.’

Blessed is the internet for bearing such fruit as archives from local newspapers.

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  1. 2 December, 2017 3:49 pm

    I am in the rum punche

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