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Time and Talents Settlement

3 November, 2011

What an Odd name for a building.


Bermondsey, South London (2011)

In fact, The Time and Talents Association is the odd name for an organization which was founded in 1887.  Its members were wealthy ladies fed up with the ‘waste and futility’* of their lives of leisure. They descended upon Bermondsey from the drawing rooms of West London to devote their ample ‘Time and Talents’ to help the underprivileged young girl and women.  So, it is, in fact, a very literal name for an organization!

The Time and Talents Settlement was set up as a clubroom of sorts, and then a hostel for girls in the area.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    4 November, 2011 12:03 pm

    Odd little building. I like the arts and crafts lettering and the base in general. The two tone brick above is a little odd. The lighter brick surrounding the windows makes it look, to me, like there were originally larger windows and they put in newer, smaller windows later on. Maybe I’ve seen too many buildings in Philadelphia where they did just that.

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