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Stating the Obvious pt.2

21 July, 2011

A simple leaf, having been shed from the tree on which it was born and raised, pronounces itself ‘LEAF’, lest anyone forget.

This leaf reminded the Author of the days of yore when she made a optimistic attempt at learning German. She decorated her room with neon green post-it notes stating the German name of different objects: die Tür, das Fenster, der Schreibmaschine.

Perhaps a wandering foreigner has taken this method to a grander level by making the Metropolis his classroom, creating flashcards out of elements of the city.

A good theory, but the Author has yet to see any further graffiti to support it.


Just to confuse the Reader’s sense of seasons, the Author has chosen to share a picture from a January afternoon (when she was accompanied by Charlotte Lancaster) in July. This seems a suitable reflection of London’s current attempt at summer, which is no drier (perhaps even wetter) or warmer than the preceding months.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    22 July, 2011 12:16 pm

    Who does that? And such neat writing as well.
    And I do remember the post it notes. (Writing wasn’t as neat).

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