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Petting Zoo in the Capital

31 May, 2011

Earlier this month, a friendly herd of Goats visited London’s Soho Square.  This gang of cheerfully attired billies and nannies turned the Author’s lunching spot into a petting zoo.

Ethel, Flo, Eva, Dot and Beryl (who have twitter accounts and blogs—they’re more technologically advanced than the Author!) came all the way from Somerset to introduce Capricorn Goat Cheese to the workers and tourists of Soho. 

Whatever will We find on the Square tomorrow?

Goat in Soho Sq

Aren’t they darling?

Goat in Soho Sq 2

After petting Beryl, the Author made sure to wash her hands before gratefully accepting the free samples of Cheese

Goats in Soho Sq 3


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