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Book Cover Monday: Золотой хвост

23 May, 2011

This beautiful woodcut by P. Staronosova is the cover of A. Guryan’s 1930 folk story The Golden Tail (Золотой хвост).


Found within a book of Russian illustration from Opapa’s bookshelf

In the Author’s meandering research (and frequent use of Google Translate), she uncovered scanned images of the entire book:  Click to see more of Staronosova’s lovely woodcuts accompanying the text.

Although the Author was too weary of transcribing Cyrillic at a crawling pace to translate the entire book, she took the time to decipher the imprint page.  The book’s publisher appeals to it’s readers—парни! Guys!—to send their thoughts about the book to the State Publishing House for Children’s and Young People’s Literature.

Superfluous information gleaned from tangential research:

Golden Tail was published by Young Guard State Publishing House for Children and Young People’s Literature (молодая гвардия, or Molodaya Gvardiya).  Young Guard is one of the oldest publishers in Russia, having been founded in 1922.  It’s still alive and kicking—it even has an English language website:

The Russian fellow who posted the inside pages of Golden Tail, Mr. da_zdra_per_m, has a fantastic catalogue of Russian illustrations, postcards and books, ranging from the 1930’s-70’s.  The Author has browsed through and is very impressed.  She recommends her Readers give it a gander.

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