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the Nervous Pigeon

11 May, 2011

As Spring, shockingly enough, has already been gracing London with its presence for a few weeks, the Author frequently lunches in Soho Square.  However, not only does she have to contend with tourists and sun-starved workers, but also the flocks of dirty, aggressive and ambitious pigeons.

Recently, while sifting through her sea of scraps, tickets, photos, articles, letters and other ephemera, she stumbled upon this nervous, and thoroughly endearing, pigeon.  This drawing was cut/ripped out of the Sunday New York Times around five or six years ago (the scrap lacks any further identification. In this case, the Author was decidedly not diligent in record keeping).

The Author  feels sympathy for this wide-eyed, hunched over fellow.  Perhaps tomorrow, as she jockeys for a sliver of grass in the sun, she’ll feel a bit more compassionate towards the flying rats who brazenly encroach upon One’s personal space and fly swoop low above One’s head.Nervous Pigeon

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