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Admiring a Bust

4 May, 2011

a Private First Class ponders the bust of an Anonymous General.  Unfortunately, Steinberg didn’t remember to write down the name of this Personage of Historical Significance* (or he purposefully scribbled the name unintelligibly so that incurably curious folk who are prone to fruitless searches would spend hours aimlessly trawling the internet for bearded and moustachioed French Generals who fought in North Africa–Algeria, most likely?).

Nevertheless, Steinberg continues to delight the Author (and, she hopes, her Readers) with the amount of period detail and oddities he provides, so she will not hold a grudge.

From this drawing (and subsequent research), We learn that MGM’s 1940 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was in theatres in North Africa.  Greer Garson, who enjoyed immense fame in the 1940’s, played Elizabeth Bennet and Laurence Olivier, well, we all know him, played Darcy.  Also of note is that Aldous Huxley was one of the screenwriters for the film.

Pondering a Bust.jpg

And finally, why is that sad-eyed woman doing on the back of the military jeep?  She looks like she’s being carted to jail.

*highbrow reference to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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