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the Diligent Observer’s Royal Wedding Report

2 May, 2011

the Author apologises in advance for adding her Royal Wedding experience to this already saturated field of journalism.

However, as the ‘official’ Royal Wedding correspondent for the local NBC Philadelphia news station*, she feels it to be her duty to follow-up on her report.

The Author did not, despite her great enthusiasm for the day, wake up at an ungodly hour in order to claim a spot along the parade route.  She watched the beginning of the proceedings on television with mimosas and Victoria sponge cake.  She wisely used the boring chatting part of the ceremony to travel into Central London, where she found her viewing options to be slightly limited.

Westminster Abbey from afar.jpg

Westminster Abbey up ahead, but impossible to get to

Buckingham Palace up yonder

the Author was directed down this street, which has a distant view of the side of Buckingham Palace

Even if she missed The Kiss in person, she still spotted Kate and Will on a balcony in Earls Court:

Balcony scene in 2D

As the Wedding party relaxed at Clarence House, the Author and her gaggle of pals decided on a whim to investigate Buckingham Palace, to soak up the atmosphere and see if the crowds were still milling about.  As they walked up Constitution Hill to the Palace, so did scores of Police vans.  This, One can only assume, means something exciting is bound to happen.

the Author was able to wiggle her way to a decent spot by the Palace and was delighted to find that, with minimal effort (and no 3am alarm), she found herself 15 feet from the Royal Family!

The Author was so astonished to see Harry drive through the gate, and induced into near hysterical giggling when he smiled and waved, that she failed to get accurate photographic evidence of the event. The Author asks her readers to trust her word.

Oh! Harry!


More royals began to trickle in—Princess Anne, Charles and Camilla (none of whom are remotely as dreamy as Will and Harry, so the Author didn’t get quite as giddy at the sight of them).

Finally, in a moment the Author will always remember with a swoon, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge passed through with their motorcade.

Kate and Wills motorcade

 In the excitement of the moment and the surging of the crowds, subsequent photographic attempts were unsuccessful.

Cycling from the Palace

Some guests took a different mode of transportation.

*if the Author’s readers happened to be watching the 5 o’clock NBC news in Philadelphia, they would have watched this former Chestnut Hill resident’s Skype interview about the Wedding mood in London.

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  1. Dadork permalink
    3 May, 2011 2:35 pm

    I love it. Great progression from shut out, lost in the crowds, faux royals, to success, royals approaching, exitement, getting blurry, and finally loosing it completely!

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