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Dear Spectators: You’ll Never Win

13 April, 2011

The Author didn’t know that people (both swindlers and the easily duped) still tried their luck at the shell game.  This operator set up shop on Waterloo Bridge at peak commuting hours (how terribly annoying!).  The fellow in the Canadian Tuxedo (jean jacket and jean trousers) was most definitely part of the ruse.  He started off  with the proceedings by staking £10 on the game which, unsurprisingly, he doubled after guessing the right ‘shell’.  After the ‘shill’ doubled his money yet again, the teen tried to impress his lady friend with a bet.  Thus, the scam was set.


When the time the Author walked back over Waterloo Bridge 15 minutes later, the crowd of gullible fools had grown to such  a size as to take over three quarters of the footbridge. The Author, whose curmudgeonliness is exacerbated by commuting and crowds, was none too pleased.

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  1. 15 April, 2011 1:10 am

    Canadian tuxedo – priceless. I began looking for the person in it, couldn’t find him, went back to your writing and noticed your description in parentheses. Make me smile.
    But sad that people get duped like this.

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