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Oh, Hello Matterhorn

1 April, 2011

The Golden Rule of travelling is to take the window seat, and be wary of the wing.  When One comes to value the easy access to to the toilet provided by the aisle seat over the stupendous views of the window seat, the Author mourns the death of curiosity and capacity for Wonder in that Individual.

While her fellow passenger in 23C was flipping through the SkyMall Catalogue, the Author was giddy with excitement at finding herself soaring above the Alps on a sunny afternoon.  She may have missed the opportunity to purchase a Life-Sized Anubis Statue for $1,250.00, but she did spot the Matterhorn.


The Author would just like to share a few more:

The Alps may be a rare Awesome sight for a flight, but even the flat geometric designs of Ohioans farms are a privileged to see.  The Author greatly appreciates the incredible privilege of flying and of viewing the World from such heights.

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  1. Dadork permalink
    2 April, 2011 4:22 pm

    While I mourn the death of curiosity and capacity for Wonder in those who prefer the aisle to the window, I do not mourn overly so. If there were more like me, it would be rarer for me to procure the window seat (not over the wing). Also, before long, the airlines would start to charge extra for the window seats!

  2. 5 April, 2011 12:12 pm

    Indeed, it is in Our interest for the Curious to be in the minority. A solid point, Vati.

  3. 9 April, 2011 2:16 pm

    When flying for 13 – 16 hours over the ocean non-stop, with the cabin staff requesting you to shut the window to create an ambience of night-time and reduce jet lag, and with a sense of being trapped in for such a long flight, the aisle seat does seem very advantageous. I do miss out on the 15-20 minutes of landscape of the country when landing, but that aisle seat is definitely worth its while. For short flights, I do appreciate the window seat. :)

  4. 9 April, 2011 2:17 pm

    Forgot to add, those are some really incredible photos.

  5. 12 April, 2011 8:11 am

    Fair point re: aisle seat. However, even in my frequent transatlantic trips (only 7-8 hours, admittedly. I’ve never endured 16, or even 13 hours), I choose the aisle seat. For me, flying up and down the Thames en route to Heathrow, or seeing the lights of small coastal towns of Canada at midnight, make the discomforts, and the window closing, worthwhile. Also, having had a stewardess accidentally knock her cart into my seat, causing a carton of Orange juice to dispel its contents on my lap, rather disposed me against the aisle seat.

  6. 12 April, 2011 9:02 am

    You have convinced me to book a window seat on my next transpacific flight. I have recently delibrated mentally regarding forgoing the aisle for a new context, a new experience, and you have helped me settle upon the answer. Window seat it is, next time. :)

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