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a Nice Day Out in the West End

15 March, 2011

On the Author’s morning commute of misery, the tube conductor added some cutting wit to the standard announcements:

‘Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, this is a northbound Northern line train for Edgware via Charing Cross. If you have a real job, please change at Kennington for the Bank branch.  The rest of us are going to have a nice day out in the West End.’

The Author’s City-bound flatmate duly changed at Bank for her real job, and the Author carried on her merry way to Soho (unfortunately, not for a day of sight seeing and relaxation).

Trafalgers Sq from above

From the May 1926 National Geographic

Bank of England

From the May 1926 National Geographic

Perhaps some context is in order for those Readers who aren’t part of the daily London drudge.  The Bank branch of the Northern line stops in the financial district of London, where all the Suits work (also known as people who Make Money).  The Charing Cross branch goes through Trafalgers Square, Leicester Square, Soho and Fitzrovia, where the ‘creative’ types (Publishing, Advertising, Theatre, Movies, TV, etc.) and tourist alight.

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