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Seasar the Schnauzer

2 March, 2011


Seasar the SchnauzerSeasar, thrice named the #1 Standard Schnauzer in the America, and four times Westminster Best of Breed winner, leads Liz Hansen through the Blizzard of 2006.  This drawing, clipped from the New Yorker ‘Talk of the Town’ section, accompanies a short vignette about a certain determined and dedicated breed of human: ‘Dog People’.  Dog breeders, handlers and lovers won’t let extreme weather conditions, be it 2 1/2 feet of snow or freezing temperatures, prevent them from attending Dog Shows.  Liz Hansen suffered through broken wrists and ankles (both due to dangerous snowy conditions) and exhibit Seasar’s gait and pedigree at Westminster Dog Show, both times victorious in Best of Breed.

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