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Ignavom Fucus!

3 February, 2011

Illustration by Tom Gauld, whose work is a good enough incentive to forgive the Guardian their mistakes and purchase their newspaper.

Brava Liz Moloney!  The Author is terribly grateful to her for noticing this error and being motivated enough to correct the Guardian’s mistake.  She’s certainly no drone.

The Author would like to add one more example to her impressive coupling:

In Vergil’s Aeneid, our young, rather whiny hero admires the rapid development of Carthage (which puts Dubai to shame).  Vergil uses a beloved literary device, the Epic Simile*, to describe how the Tyrians labor ardently, just as bees toil in summer and do various tasks, including:

agmine facto ignavom fucus pecus a praesepibus arcent

‘forming a battle line, they force the drones, that idle bunch, from the hive.’

There you have it, straight from the esteemed writing of Vergil, Shakespeare and P.G. Wodehouse.  The Guardian in duly humbled.

* 6 years ago, the Author wrote an Epic Simile to describe a play in a football match.  She thought it would be an exciting way to freshen up the tired language of sports commentary and entered it into a contest in the 4-4-2 magazine.  She didn’t win.    

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