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Book Cover Monday: Hitchcock’s Kriminalmagazin

24 January, 2011

the Cover of the German language Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (in German for the first time ever!*)  It looks as though someone shoved Hitchcock’s face onto a copier machine and made that the cover.

Hichcocks Kriminalmagazin

*’Ersmalig in deutscher Sprache’.  The Author translated it all on her own!  That one year of German lessons certainly paid off!

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  1. Dadork permalink
    25 January, 2011 12:55 pm

    Ah yes, a copier machine. One would have thought that with the new world of electronic everything copier machines (along with paper) would be becoming obsolete, but no, not at all. Nor are books, yet (luckily for a certain diligent observer).

  2. 31 January, 2011 11:41 pm

    Well this book dates from the early 80’s, back when such technology was in vogue.

    I certainly hope (as should you!) that Books stick around for quite some time!

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