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Verdonck: that Outspoken Fellow

18 January, 2011

‘This is Verdonck, that outspoken fellow, whose jawbone attacks everyone.  He cares for nobody, great or small’

Cutting words, indeed.


a Short History Lesson – Holland in 1627:

While the 30 Years War was still rocking along in it’s 59th year, a long moustachioed Mennonite with shaggy locks (looking rather like the Author’s Springer Spaniels) was hooting and hollering in his puritanical fervour.  Pieter Verdonck’s verbal aggression (said to be ‘as strong as the blows that the Biblical character Samson struck with an ass’s jawbone‘) didn’t make him the most popular kid at the lunch table.  Some joker in the 19th Century painted a beret over his auburn tresses and replaced his jaw bone for a wine glass, making him a much more dapper and agreeable looking fellow.*

There’s one particularly saucy contemporary controversy on which the Author would love to hear Verdonck preach:

Does God condone, or condemn, the fondling by a man of his betrothed’s breast before the wedding?

This heated question caused such violent and determined disagreements amongst the Haarlem Mennonites that they broke into 5 sects, each shunning the other for their sacrilegious view on premarital heavy petting.

* the Author almost finds it to be a terrible shame that the painting was restored to its original state in 1928.

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  1. Dadork permalink
    25 January, 2011 2:25 am

    You’re funny! You had me rolling on the study floor, bumping into a springer spaniel that bore an odd resemblance to a certain puritanical mennonite. (This springer spaniel, I am sure, would heartily forgive the bump if he could get his paws on that jawbone!)

    By the way, I hope the diligent observer’s oldest sister has seen this. Make sure she does. As the D.O. knows, this sister has a certain interest in Mennonites.

    I am sure that the D.O. would prefer if DaDork did not comment on saucy controversy.


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