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‘Is the UK uniquely bad at coping with snow?’

19 December, 2010

As the Author joins the thousands of travellers stranded in London*, and as she mopes and feels sorry for herself, she would like to answer the above question, from a BBC article, with a resounding YES.

Having said that, she will indulge her fit of homesickness and nostalgia with a photographic homage to her hometown, Philadelphia and its eccentricities (and, most importantly, in a flush state of Summer).

Just some Colonial Folk wandering the streets, not an uncommon sight in these parts.

the Outline of Bejamin Franklin's House.


the Police Evidence Room in City Hall does not inspire confidence in our Fair City's Police Force.

Bob's Diner, which is located in Leverington Cemetery. Having nibbled on, and rejected, a Grilled Cheese from this fine establishment, the Author can appreciate the convenience of its location.


Oh Philly, you are a stunner. Do you see the vast greenery beyond the Art Museum? That is the Fairmount Park, the largest landscaped Urban Park in the WORLD (10,334 acres). A little Philly tid-bit for you.


*strictly speaking, the Author can’t be stranded in the city where she lives–she is lucky enough to be at her flat rather than sleeping at Heathrow. Nevertheless, it has been 11 months since the Author set foot in her hometown, and she feels rather hard done-by.

All Photographs were taken by the wonderful E.Browne, who can always be counted on to have a camera when the Author has none.

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  1. John permalink
    20 December, 2010 12:52 pm

    This observer of the diligent observor’s observations is just as sad as Ms. Whitehorn herself. If this observer had a blog, it would today be full of pictures of the diligent observer herself!

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