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Book Cover Monday: Lauren Bacall – By Myself

13 December, 2010

the Author found this well worn copy of Lauren Bacall’s autobiography at a charity shop in Clapham Junction.  The Author isn’t too keen on autobiographies, and even less inclined to read autobiographies of actors, singers and the like; in addition, she would be loath to have her admiration for Lauren Bacall, one of her favourite actresses, be degraded by a poorly written, self-reverential and boring autobiography.  Despite these reservations, the Author forked over the 50 pence and devoted her Tube commute to the Life and Times of Lauren Bacall.

What a relief when she was pleasantly surprised by Lauren Bacall’s likeable and unpretentious writing, her self-deprecating humour and honest modesty.  Phew!  The Author can still enjoy The Big Sleep and To Have and To Have Not.
Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall back
the Author hopes that one day a nice fella will come round and call her a ‘real Joe’.

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