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a Happy Thanksgiving from Czechoslovakia

25 November, 2010

Who knew that Thanksgiving was such a hit in Czechoslovakia?  Well, perhaps it isn’t, as a last minute translation unveils this poster as advertising “Boys and Sombrero and Mysteries with a Band” with the feather of the Indian’s Headdress listing the following (a very rough translation): Stolen Mic, Boys and Sombrero, Roving Trolley, Cyber Mouse (now that can’t be right), Band and Education and Sport.  So, perhaps–most definitely–not Thanksgiving related, but let us imagine the Sombrero as a Pilgrim’s hat and eat some Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie and the whole lot.

A Merry Thanksgiving to All!

a115-oww.jpgFrom good ol’ Terry Posters.  And do recall these Dapper Fellows

the Author will in fact be wishing her Readers a Happy Thanksgiving from Athens, not the former Czechoslovakia.  She is joining her cousins and aunt on a jaunt around Greece.  Lamb may be on the menu, rather than Turkey.  Back on Tuesday!

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