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Köp! Köp! Köp!

18 November, 2010

Advertising space on the side of this building is in high demand. Strollers and passers-by cannot help but notice the bright colors, attractive typography and confident superlative and imperatives painted on the Apoteket Lejonet building on the Stortorget, one of the main squares in Malmö, Sweden.




‘Köp! Buy!’ Shouts Elmovist with his red hand-glove, strikingly set against a blue background.  Reijmyre’s Glasses are the finest, and such glassware deserves Gust. Wolke’s Wine & Spirits: Recommended by the D.L.C.  These days, you won’t find J. Athéns Tailoring Business at number 12 Östergatan, but your retail needs won’t go unattended, as a large modern shopping mall stands in its place.

If you’re after a License Plate, dial 1307 (presumably a local knows the preceding digits).  For more serious shopping, Florentin Steneberg provides Malmö’s Cheapest Manufacturing Industry and Arms-Trade.

The Grand Hippodrome Restaurant, was ‘new, elegant and first class’ when it opened in 1900, but after a bomb blew up outside the ‘Hipp’ (as it’s known now) 7 months ago, the restaurant isn’t looking quite as new and elegant.*

Anyone seeking to fill in that empty space at the left are kindly directed to the Gumaelii Ad Agency, but regrettably not given any contact information.

Many thanks to Google Translate.

On further reflection, the Author realizes how impressive it is that these early 20th century (1920’s perhaps?) advertisements still stand so bright and bold.  Walking around London, one sees faint ghosts of painted billboards on brick walls, but never are they as well preserved as on the Apoteket Lejonet building.  Did the Swedes just use more durable, higher quality paint?  Perhaps these businesses are still trying to catch the attention of the public and tend to their ad space regularly.  However, One must concede – no matter how disheartening and disagreeable one finds it – that the market for Ladies Gloves has dwindled significantly in the past 60 years; One cannot imagine that the majority of these shops are still in business.  Have these advertisements been lovingly touched up through the years by a discerning city council?  What a fantastic notion!

*astonishing, but true.  The culprits were never found and an explanation never deduced.  See further: ‘Bomb Rocks Iconic Malmö Restaurant

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