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Stockholm’s ‘Ingenious’ Traffic Junction

13 October, 2010

Stockholm is home of many tourist attractions, both beautiful and historic.  However, this complex and impressive traffic junction does not find itself in many guide books.  One can’t imagine why.  Shouldn’t the Slussen traffic junction receive as much praise and recognition as the Vasa Museet or the Royal Palace?

Going for a wander through the crooked Medieval streets of Gamla Stan makes One so frustrated with the illogical, disorganized and poorly paved urban planning of the 13th Century.  Revel in the beauty of this piece of innovative highway design!

CIMG3868 (1)

Sarcasm aside, the Slussen is a pretty neat (tidy, as well as interesting) piece of design.  The Author’s viewpoint from the Katarinahissen elevator does not quite give the Slussen transportation link due justice.  This 1935 Photograph sheds some light on the traffic junction’s honour of distinction.  The intersection seamlessly incorporates road, bus, underground, train and boat routes, all in one, cosy little space.  The Author is always intrigued by the least ordinary and least expected tourist attractions, and the Slussen intersection is certainly a highlight on that list.

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  1. John permalink
    29 October, 2010 2:51 am

    It really is pretty interesting and clever. While it certainly does accomodate road, bus, underground, train and boat routes, diligent responder wonders how a pedestrian gets from one side to the other. I imagine that the diligent observer, having been there, can shed some light on my query.

  2. 1 November, 2010 10:46 pm

    the Slussen traffic junction certainly does not take into account the foot bound commuter. There are dreary staircases and underground passages, but the real (any only) highlight for pedestrians at this transportation hub is Katarinahissen, an elevator that takes you from the Slussen junction up to Södermalm (another part of town). My prime vantage point of the Slussen junction is courtesy of the Katarinahissen.

    the Elevator:

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