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Animals at War

25 September, 2010

the Author knows there has been a long history of Dogs in war–the Egyptians, Elizabeth the 1st used them, they were messengers in WWI and the Soviets were heartless and horrid in their exploitation of Hounds in WWII (the Author will not upset her Readers with details)–but had not  been aware of the extent of the Animal world’s involvement is modern warfare.

German messenger dog (could it be a German Shepherd?), World War One.

German Shepherd

a Resourceful use of Circus Elephants: clearing heavy debris from a Hamburg street, 1945.

Elephants war.JPG

Reindeer leading a British officer in Russia, 1917.


Aside from being employed for service, Animals have been used to boost moral.  This cuddly little fellow is the Canadian Army Mascot, Winnie the Poo (in fact, the inspiration for A.A. Milne’s honey loving Bear)


Sincere thanks to the Imperial War Museum, from whose 2007 exhibition ‘The Animals’ War’ the Author snatch this pamphlet.

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