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City of Cows and Cathedrals

16 September, 2010

Visit Lausanne and enjoy the diverse Sightseeing Opportunities:

Admire the gothic grandeur of Cathédrale Notre-Dame (top left).  The cathedral’s clock only chimes the hours from 2am-1opm, so chaos reigns every evening for four hours of time-less confusion.  The Palais de Rumine (top right) may house an impressive collection of Taxidermy, including the largest Shark ever caught, but the Author was unable to appreciate this Wonder because the Palais de Rumine decides to close on a whim.  a highlight for the Literary inclined is the Château d’Ouchy (bottom left), where Lord Byron penned The Prisoner of Chillon on the banks of Lake Geneva (bottom right).

Everyone, from Tourist to Local, of all ages and interests can marvel at Lausanne’s unique and most fascinating, impressive and revolutionary spectacle: Cows Drinking from Fountains.


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