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and a Happy Summer Bank Holiday to you

28 August, 2010

How delightful!  This coming Monday is the Summer Bank Holiday (a British version of Labor day, but a week earlier and without the pressure of hiding your white clothes away for winter), so the Author will be join the hordes fleeing the hustle and bustle of Urban Life and escaping to Greenery.

Summer Bank Holidays, and Labor Day, for that matter, are meant for scenes like these:


the Bellows Cup, taken by EIG

While the Author will not have the pleasure of enjoying this particular slice of heaven–Pocono Lake in Pennsylvania–she will get her slice of Green and Pleasant Lands with an extended stay in the Ye Olde Historic Market town, Horsham.

Part of the delights of Rural Retreats and Countryside Excursions are that One is separated from Technology (only for a short time, thankfully).  Therefore, although the Author will be Observing Diligently as always, she will not be able to share these Observations as Diligently as she would like.

Have a merry Summer Bank Holiday (it certainly doesn’t hang a ring to it), dear Readers.

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