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SERIOUS Pleasures

18 August, 2010

Architecture and Tea, of course!

This 1938 guide to the ‘Mind of London’ is invaluable for any Eager Visitor to the Capital.  ‘Though the author’s subjects are serious, he shows how they can give a great amount of lasting pleasure’, proclaims the back of the book.  And, indeed, George Buchanan helps us ‘penetrate below the surface and come into touch with a richer layer of life’ with this fun and informative guide!


Among the diversions of note (and given distinction with Photography) are ‘The Ballet’, The London County Council in Session, a ‘Buddah From Burma’ at the British Museum and, the most serious pleasure of all:


Who will eat the last third of the Biscuit?

this Author would be more than happy (delighted, even) to share some of the recommended London hot spots for such interests as Art, Architecture, Books, Museums (including ‘Living Museums’) and ‘Active Culture’.  Be fore-warned that a few of the building raved about in Serious Pleasure may, sadly, be no longer with us in Post-Blitz Britain.

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