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Sanders: a Man of All Trades

23 July, 2010

CIMG4556Mr. Sanders of Brixton is a man of many talents.  His versatility extends to (but by no means limited to):





Clockmaker, watchmaker, diamond merchant, goldsmith, silversmith and optician. A Jack of all Trades, indeed!

But, alas, Sanders, the shop and the man, have been treated poorly.  The Author wonders if anyone at Transport for London considered his feelings when they built an bridge right over his head.  And, woes upon woes, the diverse abilities of Mr. Sanders are no long available to the unhappy masses–‘HomeLook London’, which has never open its doors, as far as the Author knows, will have to suffice.  What a poor lot, they’ll have to get their eyes examined at one location, have their Grandfather Clock re-tuned at another and buy their Silverware, Diamonds and Gold are all different shops.

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