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the Riotous Life

20 July, 2010

Many, many Sundays ago, this Clip was cut/torn (the Author went for a juxtaposition of tidiness and ruggedness) from the Ethicist column in the Sunday New York Times.

The original Ethical dilemma, the Author must admit, has not been retained in her Memory–something about a Student worrying about how she uses her student loan–but this snippet certainly stuck (not only, obviously, because she preserved it in one of her long successions of doodle-scraps-pasting notebooks).  The alluring life of absinthe parties, raccoon coats, drunken sprees in Ones new roadster seems like a damned jolly way to make use of someone else’s money.

Roadster and Absinthe.jpg

The Author is sure her parents would agree wholeheartedly about her University funds.

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