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Tisza, the Little Town in Hungary that Found Itself in Fife

9 July, 2010

Compelled by her love of Libraries and admiring this one in particular, the Author picked up this first postcard at a Charity Shop in St. Andrews.  She betrayed a shocking lack of Diligence by not noticing the location of the library: her Grandparents home country of Hungary.  In a lovely instance of coincidence, a few weeks later a dear friend of the Author’s presented her with the second card depicting this Classroom (another preferred space of the Author).  Lo and behold, the writing on the Blackboard looked similar to that odd Magyarian Language and, indeed, the Map showed the country of Hungary.  How wonderful that postcards of this delightfully obscure town in Hungary ended up in the Kingdom of Fife (and, consequently, into the grateful hand of the Author)?

Tisza Classroom

Tisza Library

if you look closely (apologizes for the blurry scanning), you can see pictures of men in different Roman warrior costumes.  Also take note of the lovely Globe and the horrendouly uncomfortable looking desks.

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