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Flopsa, Mopsa, Cauda Linea Petrusque!

30 June, 2010

My eternal gratitude to whoever decided to publish ‘Peter Rabbit’ in Latin, thus combining two beloveds.  Ah, the beauty of the language of Catulla, and the charm of Beatrix Potter.

Fabulia Pedro Cuniculo

Petro Cuniculo.jpg

Peter Rabbit has always been close to my heart.  One of my most treasured presents is a Peter Rabbit dish set, complete with cutlery, bowl, plate, mug and cup all decorated with scenes from ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’.  I only bring them out for special occasions and for honoured guests.

At the age of 6, my Grandmother took me to a Beatrix Potter exhibition in Philadelphia.  This outing made such an impression upon me that my memory multiplied this one visit into a weekly excursion with my Grandmother, and that it was not merely a Beatrix Potter exhibition, but an exclusively Peter Rabbit museum.  I thoroughly convinced myself, through a trick of memory, that every Wednesday my Grandmother picked me up from school and took me to the Peter Rabbit museum.  It was a shock when, just a few years ago, my Grandmother broke the news to me that, despite my insistence, we had only gone once to the temporary exhibition.

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