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a Pup Who Frequents Picnics and Military Camps

20 May, 2010

Leafing through my Omama and Opapa’s* photo albums, as I often do, I became Curious about an adorable German Shepherd Pup that makes a few appearances.  The Pup is at its youngest in this photograph of Opapa in his U.S. Army uniform whilst stationed in Vienna (Opapa is on the far left holding the Pup).  Where did he get this hound, and why was he along for the ride with the U.S. Military?

Opapa Army Pup

Opapa (far left) holding the pup

the Pup makes his most frequent appearances at Picnics:

and the Pup is present at yet another Picnic (notice Omama’s change of clothes)

Opapa Pup

I like the Couple strolling in the background. This must have been a popular spot for Soldiers to take their Sweeties.

I wish I knew what happened to the Pup.  He certainly didn’t make the trip over to America.

*Perhaps you haven’t caught on that Omama and Opapa are German for Grandmother and Grandfather.

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  1. Knowledgeable Reader permalink
    7 June, 2010 12:57 pm

    The pup does have a name, which I will check on, and was indeed the beloved dog adopted by George and Ilona, They are pictured here in Vienna where they awaited the response to George’s many petitions to grant him permission to marry Ilona — since he met her in Hungary she would officially be an enemy alien and American soldiers were not permitted to marry enemy aliens. The site is Vienna in 1944 where the American Army had headquarters, and the park is just outside the beautiful house they rented and which is now the Philosophy Dept office of the University. Ultimately the Army granted George permission to marry Ilona and the Army granted permission for George to be on her warbride ship — but not even George could get Army permission to take the dog with them. They had to give the dog to someone. They talked about the dog often and fondly all their lives. Will post dog’s name after checking it.

  2. 10 June, 2010 5:18 pm

    A Knowledgeable Reader indeed! I’m delighted to have my queries answered, especially when it means I learn more about my Grandparents. That dog seemed to have led an interesting life: in addition to the privilege of having George and Ilona as owners, he got to hang around with the U.S. Army. The first photo is taken whilst George and Co. were arresting and transporting Nazis (more on that to come, although, Knowledgeable Reader, I do imagine you could speak with more authority on the subject!).

    Do let me know if you discover the Pup’s name!


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