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a Quote and Unrelated Image vol.iv

14 May, 2010

‘For woe my wit is in a were

that moves me mickle in my mind’

-Satan,  Mankind

(by far the best 15th Century Morality Play. I’d suggested reading it if you’ve ever got a hankering for amazing alliteration and a lewd joke about the Pope (if you can find a version that doesn’t censor it).

Slochd Pass (2)And because Satan’s alliterative boasts are just as good as his self-pity, here’s a fun stanza to read aloud:

‘All the mirth that is made is marked in me!

the beams of my brighthood are burning bright,

and I so seemly in sight myself now I see,

for like a lord am I left to lend in this light.

More fairer by far than my feres,

in me is no point that may pair,

I feel me featous and fair,

My power is passing my peers.’

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