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a Good State of Health at 9 Railway Street

25 April, 2010

a Second Doctor’s Note (First).

Dr. James H Yale (it is true what they say about Doctors’ handwriting…impossible to decipher) has quite an impressive note.  His use of Gothic script adds weight to his diagnosis, and his triple crossing-out is emphatic.  There is no doubt that Mr. William Wouglas (or, more likely, Douglas, but I like Wouglas better) is, indeed, fit for work.


Aimless Curiosity (a favourite procrastination pastime of mine) led me to search out Mr. Wouglas’ abode at 9 Railway Street, Rowley, Beverley, North Humberside HU17 0DX, UK.  For those who want to wander down that idle lane of inquiry, here is a shot of 9 Railway Street:


I consulted an friendly and knowledgeable Architect about this brick beast.  He confirmed my suspicions that this could not be Mr. Wouglas’ 1924 home, adding that ‘the only way it would be pre-1930 would be if it was an example of “revolutionary” Bauhaus “workers’ housing” from the 20’s, which I doubt.’

Thanks J.C.G.!

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