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‘Italian for Sandwich’

16 April, 2010


This sign was rather disheartening to see.  It shows ignorance on so many levels:

The fact that the sign says “Italian for Sandwich” is a bit grating in the first place–why add the unnecessary quotation marks?

Now let us investigate the curious declension of the word ‘Panini’.  Panini is the plural of ‘panino’, so there is no need to make it more plural.  And supposing the word ‘panini’ is singular (as the majority of non-Italians believe–I only know because an Italian friend mocked me) why would ‘s make it plural?  The addition of ‘s makes the word possessive.

The misuse of ‘s is epidemic in every English speaking country-however, I won’t wade too deeply into issues of grammar at this point.  Let’s just look at the photograph and shake our heads in despair.

This sign was noticed, with a cringe, at a supermarket in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (it’s rural, for those who don’t know the area).  I sure miss you, America.

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  1. Erz permalink
    16 April, 2010 8:12 pm

    I love grammar but hate mis-use of the ‘! This reminds me of my “Pocono’s” sweatshirt — what, is it your Pocono? The Pocono is? Ah, punctuation!

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