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No Doctor’s Note for You

13 April, 2010

84 years and 7 days ago, Gerald Watson was not excused from work.


It amuses me that Gerald Watson was deemed ‘quite fit’, rather than ‘recovered’.  The Doctor’s crossing out and substitution  pointedly implies that Mr. Watson was never ill in the first place.

Let us note that, 6 years into the new decade, Dr. Mitton was still using his note pad from the ‘teens and had to write a 2 over the 1.  Perhaps Doctors’ notepads were just too dear.

‘Thirsk’, at the top of the note, refers to the small market town in North Yorkshire.  How this note managed to make its way to a charity shop in Pimlico, London, is beyond me.

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  1. John gerbner permalink
    22 April, 2010 4:02 am

    But the comma after “Thirsk” makes it seem that the note is addressed to Gerald’s boss, Thirsk!

  2. 27 April, 2010 8:15 am

    Perhaps, but I figured that the doctor wouldn’t have an entire notepad dedicated to one employer- and Thirsk is a pretty unusual surname. Eh, it could go either way!

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