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a Dodgey Bar and a Double Axel Jump

6 April, 2010

Whilst in Stockholm last year, my friend took me on a delectable culinary tour.  The highlights included a Mongolian buffet, Max (the Swedish version of McDonalds) and -by far the most glamorous- the Lejon Bar.  Lejon is located in the Huvudsta subway station of Solna, a Municipality of Stockholm (you’ll not find it on the tourist map, I’m afraid).

I was forewarned that the Lejon (‘Lion’) Bar was a bit grubby, but that the quality of the pizza more than made up for its decor.  I’m not one to begrudge a restaurant its interior design–should the food be remarkable–so I kept an open mind.  But, opening the heavy front door, it was apparent that the emphasis at this establishment was on drink, not food.  Our fellow diners (well, drinkers: they weren’t here for the ‘famed’ pizza) could best be described as old, fat, lonely Swedish men.


In between sips of beer and shots of whiskey (at 1 in the afternoon), they fixed their eyes on the either of the two televisions.  And what held their fervent attention?


She skated Beautifully. Also Note the rather Awesome ‘Lejon’ graffiti.

The ever masculine, ever macho and aggressive sport of…ladies figure skating.

(You’ll have to pardon the poor photography above.  I was, understandably, a tad uncomfortable taking photographs in this dimly lit and rather seedy establishment.  These grainy shots, slyly taken with my mobile phone, will have to suffice.)

A final Lejon note: I rather liked this beer coaster, which proclaims ‘I’m Out Smoking!’.  The dexterous combination of clip art is to be admired.

lejon stockholm.jpg

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  1. John gerbner permalink
    22 April, 2010 4:14 am

    What are you doing in a bar like that!
    (I guess this is why ___ doesn’t want ___ to be on ____ ____.)

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